Prelude, My Little Girl

"The bridal party has made its way down to the front of the assembly... The crowd stands... It’s time for the Bride to process up the aisle to the altar! She may be alone, or she may be escorted by her father, an uncle, a good friend, or even the Groom, but one thing is for sure... she’ll be accompanied by music!"

We have discovered a new piece of music by Jon Schmidt that captures the feelings of that moment. It is based on J.S. Bach's Prelude in C Major BWV 846. It presents the formality of the baroque spirit accompanied by a modern, romantic and sentimental elegance. We love this and hope you do too.

Remember that this walk down the aisle is also a very emotional moment for the person on her arm - who taught her to tie her shoes,watched her learn to ride a bike. This song represents - love.