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We have provided a site FAQ here -  but here is an interview we did.

We came across a survey on the Calgary wedding Services Website  and thought it would be a great idea to answer these questions as we get asked them quite often

Oh, Oh.. a little wedding music to get us in the mood:


Q : Is our venue suitable for you, your instrument, or group? (If it is outdoors, can we accommodate needs in way of shelter or amplification? What if it rains?) 

Answer from Occasional Notes:

One of the reasons that Occasional Notes was formed, was to perform at wedding venues that presented sound and space challenges for musicians.we have all been guests at weddings where a gifted violinist or harpist is performing, but not heard. Power is required at weddings so your vows can be heard and the music can be enjoyed.  We perform on Yamaha's finest digital pianos whose sleek form and function are cutting edge. Our portable sound system is Yamaha's STAGEPAS 300, and has the power, high quality sound and portability to fill any wedding  performance space. Combining a built-in powered mixer and PA speakers, we also provide a microphone for the wedding officiant which is powered through our system. You will hear all of your music as you walk down the aisle.We are completely set up in 30 minutes with this powerful, reliable and convenient sound system. It is our little "roadie"! Hey, we're girls! 

Outdoor wedding must  have a rain plan. Shelter has always been planned and provided. We cannot play in the rain due to our electrical problem, and we DO not like frizzy hair.We have never been rained out yet!


Q: What is the cost? The time? Does that include travel and set-up/pack-up? What are overtime costs?

Answer from Occasional Notes:

Our price packages start at $700.00. This price includes consultation, our sound system and complete ceremony music. (30 minutes prior to the wedding, complete ceremony music, as well as music for departing guests.) There is an  travel fee for out of town weddings. We do have solo pianists available upon request.


Q: Do you carry insurance for your instruments? 

Answer from Occasional Notes: 

Yes we do - it is part of our contract .We also have replacement instruments available to us.


Q: How much experience do you have at weddings of our size?

Answer from Occasional Notes 

We are accredited, professional musicians with over twenty years of teaching and solo performance experience. (check our website for our accreditation) We have performed at small intimate weddings ( 50 people) and very large weddings (Over 350)

It is most important to prepare music and sound quality to the venue, but the music chosen should always be personal to the couple, however many guests are attending. 


Q: What is your dress code? Do you smoke or drink during the evening? How do you motivate the guests of all ages? 

Answer from Occasional Notes:

Every wedding is a formal event for us, therefore we present ourselves in formal black attire. Our professionalism is always reflected in our behaviour.


Q: What pieces or style of music do you play? Do you take requests? Can we select the songs (for soloist) or play/don't play list (for group)

 Answer from Occasional Notes                     

After years of education, performing and experience our repertoire is extensive and we believe that your wedding should reflect you as a couple. Choosing music with an excited bride and groom is the best part of what we do and the reason we love our business. We can perform any genre of music varying from Handel's Water music to Kenny Chesney's  country hit "Me and You. "


Q: What happens if you or one of your group members is sick? What is your cancellation policy?

Answer from Occasional Notes 

If the couple cancels more that 60 days prior to the event or  if we must cancel for any unknown reason, all money is completed refunded. We however, have other teams of professional pianists always prepared to perform.Our contract will outline not only our duties, but responsibilities for our brides and grooms as well.


Q: Do you have references?

  Answer from Occasional Notes

Yes. Check our Page and our ur reviews are also available on www.weddingwire .com