We have broken the mold for wedding music, by designing and performing unique wedding ceremony song-lists from your favorite music, from your music collection… the music you fell in love to. Be assured that the music heard on your wedding day, as you walk down the aisle will reflect you as a couple and be completely unique to the two of you. Occasional Notes team of musicians will provide custom crafted and professionally performed music for your entire wedding day - ceremony, cocktail, dinner, and dance . Whatever style of music you choose, our team can perform it. 



Incognito Entertainment

We are professional party crashers.  Our Incognito Entertainers are a team of  professional and highly trained singers, dancers, actors, and musicians who are ready to transform the atmosphere of your event in seconds ! We are full of  surprises and will bring, fun, laughter and music to your event ..and who knows, before you know it, you may be in the show! ..wink wink... 

We provide a range of captivating and interactive theming options:

  • "Crazy for Christmas "Holiday themed corporate party surprise entertainment"
  • "Who Invited Them" Wedding Dinner Entertainment, featuring "those  relatives" 
  • "The Fun of Fundraisers"
  • "Who Called This Meeting"-Corporate Dinners
  • Networking/ Team Building Events/ Icebreakers



They've come out of the Zoo to Entertain You! "Zoostreet" is Calgary's Choice Children's Interactive Musical Production and Dance Party. This fun, fast paced musical fosters a love of music, movement, imagination and creativity ! Tigers Tango, Penguins Polka , Monkeys Mamba and more! Family fun at it's finest .