Out of Our Comfort Zone! "If the Shoe Fits" in YYC

Occasional Notes started  as two girls playing two pianos. That's twice the number of keys to choose from ( 88 + 88 ) for a pretty cool sound . We were unique and still are.  We have discovered, through a few Internet searchs , that we are the only two- piano /two girl wedding music company in North America. This search field was fairly small, I admit , but still kinda cool. Our vision was to change the perception of wedding music and perform a completely customized playlist of songs for each Bride and Groom, ensuring that each song was important to them. We have been arranging and performing these custom songs for couples, their families and friends for seven years and sincerely loving every note and chord played. We have welcomed two talented songstresses, and more pianists to our team, who bring their own talent and expertise to our couples.

So ... why not step out of our comfort zone? Why not spread our wings and challenge ourselves? Why not use all those harmony rules and delve into the unknown world of musical theater? Why? Because we didn't know any better. That 's why. 

Occasional Notes believes in promoting women in the arts . Through a chain of interesting events and fascinating people we find ourselves in the Calgary Music scene, by writing and producing the Musical -   " If The Shoe Fits". This production will help raise funds for Gli Azzzurri ,Calgary Italian Dance Group, to represent Calgary in "Dance the World" -Florida.  The shoe theme for our story seemed  a natural "fit" to represent these talented young dancers, as they do what they love in their shoes. Dance.  

After hours of writing story lines, musical phrasing, and  vocal scores, this modern - day musical comedy features thirty of Calgary's most gifted singers, dancers, actors and  musicians . It is a feel -good production aimed at the importance of being yourself , at being  the best you can be in "your shoes" . Let's face it, all little girls grow up believing the Cinderella myth that shoes can magically transform their lives. Every woman has a connection with her shoes on some level. Shoes are a force for change , a means of shedding the past and buying into the future. So whether it is a new pair of Jimmie Choos, Ruby Slippers, or Crocs , why not try to be our very best? Why not slip on our very best shoes and sing about it? So - we have. 

This musical project has been the most challenging, exhilarating, thrilling, exhausting, labour of love that we have ever  done. Ever. With a cast of award winning performers ranging in age from 10 to 63  (with shoe sizes from girl's size 4 to men's size 12) we have been surrounded by more talent, more patience, more professionalism and more creativity than we could ever have dreamed possible, all for their love of making music. 

The show premiers Sunday February 28, 3:30. We know that you will leave this performance feeling a little happier in "your shoes". Mine are red. And sparkly. What colour are your's?