Calgary's Valley Ridge Golf Club Weddings

From intimate and romantic to grand and posh,Calgary's Valley Ridge Golf Club is the perfect venue for your upcoming wedding. The  beautiful indoor facilities offer all the amenities you need with stunning floor-to-ceiling views of our golf course and gardens. Their spectacular outdoor gardens, fountains, waterfalls, and ponds are a beautiful backdrop for photographs and videos, imagine your wedding surrounded in beauty. There is something very special about outdoor ceremonies.Somehow  wedding nerves seem to evaporate into the blue skies above. As  guests, we love the natural feeling that the outdoors offers. As musicians, the challenge is being heard, as sometimes notes also disappear into the sky above. Be sure that when you are choosing the musicians for your day, that they have a sound system to supply enough volume. Also choosing music that compliments the surroundings. Billy Idol, nope...Handel's Water Music ...yup.

Occasional Notes is looking forward to this summer's weddings at Valley Ridge.