More Wedding Planning Yarns and Stuff

We met with such a nice couple yesterday, who are marrying this August. Their ceremony will be held in the gazebo at the Silvertip Resort in Canmore - heart of the Rocky Mountains. Albertans are lucky  to have the mountains as a backdrop for the best day of their lives.

At consultations it is so nice to just sit and relax over a cup of coffee, listening to the vision of their wedding - the colours, the flowers, the dress. Little memories and classic stories always emerge about special  people who are a part of the couple`s lives. You know, like "OMG I hope my grandpa doesn`t actually wear his kilt`"..or ``Do you think we can get Sam (the little two year old  ring bearer ) to walk down the aisle``..or `` We think that Brad (one of the best men) has a thing for Jen (one of the bridesmaids)...but she is WAY taller than him``. So, not only do we choose music, but we get some  scoop on the guests.One hour consultation inevitably becomes two. Hey - we are girls - we like this stuff!``

Before choosing music we like to hear where  the couple`s first date happened , best concert ever, favourite restaurant, best holiday .. BECAUSE  answers such as ``quiet dinner alone, Keith Urban, Earls and camping in Banff will coordinate with music that has a bit of a country feeling. If a couple`s  first date was jetting off to Vegas, a performance of Madame Butterfly ,Rouge Restaurant and a holiday in Paris, we are heading into a different direction musically speaking - a  classical soundtrack. Both genres are perfect.

Oh and by the way ...SMARTIES! That is how they got Sam  down the aisle!