Halloween Weddings can be Bootiful!

Danny Elfman wrote this piano duet for "The Corpse Bride'. It would be a unique piece of music for a haunting processional.

Okay - Halloween weddings are not for every bride - but think of the positive aspects of a ghoulish occasion.  It doesn't matter if your make up runs....it really is not a problem if you are pale - no spray tan for you! Orange!

The Sounds of Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

We love outdoor Wedding Ceremonies!  There is something very special about witnessing a couple exchange vows under a beautiful blue sky surrounded by nature.  Outdoor weddings are filled with beautiful sights and sounds.   If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, you need to ensure that your guests will be able to take in the sounds of your day.  Make sure that there is a microphone available for your officiant and that your musicians offer a sound system.  Your guest will want to hear your vows!  At Occasional Notes, we will provide a full sound system including a microphone.  We want to make sure that your "sounds" are as spectacular as your "sights"!

Occasional Notes - Wedding Ceremony Music for your Outdoor Wedding

If you are planning an outdoor wedding in Calgary this summer, prepare for  sun, rain, wind, ....snow..! Yes it has snowed in August before. Always have a rain plan. You will need shelter for the musicians because instruments will not tolerate moisture, and in our case there is a problem of electricity. Order a tent that can be picked up in the event of a weather problem. Umbrellas should be available for your guests just in case there looks like sprinkles of rain, or if it is exceptionally hot. It is worth it! Outdoor weddings have a particular charm.