The Making of ZooStreet

The Choreographers

Creating and producing a musical is about being surrounded by talented and creative team members who share the vision of the show. We just got lucky. Some of Calgary's top talent actually found us, through a network of like - minded musicians, and dancers . Because we are NOT dancers and can barely do the two -step, Laurie and I surrendered our choreography dreams over to two talented young women and  made a brilliant discovery. Give people the opportunity to create and do what they are born to do , and magic happens . These two individuals on our ZooStreet Team are Jill O'Connell and Meg Martin. Their creativity blew all of us away! They thought carefully through each move and how the choreography  would reflect the music perfectly, and then, how children could dance all the fun moves themselves. Try making a Zebra look like he was born to Zumba,  penguins  promenade with purpose, and keeping five dancing ducks in a row? They did it! They even made three dancing flamingos into six! After spending years on point shoes and performing Grand Jete, they have brought our animal musical to life with roaring applause from us! Their approach to teaching and coaching our ZooStreet Team of performers has made them role models for young dancers and performers who have dreams of doing the same.