Before the wedding begins..what wedding professionals do...!

Lots of things happen before a wedding ceremony starts - before the excited guests arrive , before the, aunts, uncles, grandparents and  emotion parents walk into the ceremony space. Florists arrive with fragrant arrangements, photographers set up and adjust lighting, wedding officiants organize documents and the their wording, wedding planners put finishing touches of the space. Musicians set up instruments, sound check, warm up voices and fingers, ... all to ensure that those precious moments that make up a wedding ceremony are as perfect as possible. A beautiful wedding ceremony means paying  attention to every detail.  Being part of a team is always the best way to communicate, collaborate, and thoroughly enjoy the business of creating a perfect wedding day.  Event Core, Calgary 's newest event company is at this very moment, making wedding planning stress-free for brides and grooms by connecting them to dedicated caring industry professionals who ensure that every details is in place. Knowing that we can connect a couple to a magnificent florist,  videographer, photographer, decor consultant, cake designer, venue, ...(the list goes on) and know that that professional will completely take care of every detail  for a couple is another service that we can offer. How much does Occasional Notes  team of musicians love being apart of Event Core? We LOVE it! and .. you will too!   

Vocalist the beautiful Shaye Zadravec   Event Core  Website here!