Canadian Wedding Awards

Okay - it has been a while. Blogging sometimes reminds of how bad a student I was at writing essays. Love the project - but just making sure the words fit was always a little taxing. So - why don't I just pretend we are talking and I am telling you how "much fun this Canadian Wedding Awards Gala was"! Laurie and I took the Red Eye ( don't do it ) to Toronto. Drank a lot of coffee, got to our hotel early morning, crashed for a few hours - then we were off on our three day and three night adventure in beautiful Toronto. Visited the coveted Royal Conservatory of Music ( of which we are both teachers and past students),  

Toronto Eaton Centre, The Christmas Market, ate a HUGE sandwich at Dunn's, took Uber cars everywhere - which is an experience - meeting incredible wedding professionals from all over Canada was the cherry on top of the incredible cake of a weekend. - (Holy run- on sentence! )Special Hello to Tamara from Rustique Pie Kitchen in Montreal who is a dream of a girl who creates incredible deserts for weddings and special events! Pina Colada Cotton Candy, Ammeretto Martinis were divine but  to hear Tracy Moore from Cityline announce "Occasional Notes from Alberta" was the biggest  thrill of all! It was a quiet flight home.