Here Comes.....the Groom

Listen to this inspiring piano song (below)  to get you up , off the couch and attacking this list!

Yes! YOU are getting married too! There are things to do!

We so often hear grooms joking about just renting the tux and showing up. There are so many things that the grooms are responsible for. Highlight the following, copy and paste it to your "to DO list"

Select and pay for that engagement ring - with or without your bride. Big or small - just remember - it reflects you too.

  • Choose your wedding party: best man, groomsmen and ushers
  • Choose the attire for the guys - whether it is khakis, tuxes or jeans - make it suit your wedding day style.
  • Choose thanks-you gifts for your wedding party. They put out a lot of cash and time to be a part of your day!
  • Choose the music for you ceremony with your bride. It is important as it also reflects you as a couple.
  • Picking up the marriage license!!!
  • Planning transportation for the wedding party!
  • Paying the wedding officiant and musicians - before the wedding ceremony.
  • Write you thank you speeches and toasts  - not the night before the wedding - don`t "wing it"