Why Hire a Wedding Professional?

Unless you plan on marrying twice, you  actually get only  one opportunity to enjoy the wedding day of your dreams. And while you cannot control the weather or the behavior of guests ( you know that annoying family member that you feel you HAVE to invite - we all have one - or more), you can control and plan for almost everything else, if you hire professionals. What do we mean by professionals? Accredited wedding planners, with credentials to match, seasoned florists with experience handling blooms in all weather conditions, and in our case musicians who are trained, educated and polished. Amateurs have not spent hours practising and perfecting their craft precisely for weddings. Your goal is to find musicians who will cater to your needs, financially and professionally. They must be able to provide the perfect ambiance for your style, providing you with an abundance of  musical choices and genres to help you choose the music that defines you as a couple.  They must be confident in performing a large repertoire in front of large groups, punctual and create perfect sound production. That is what you are paying for!

 Self managed wedding musicians are less costly, as there is no  booking agent being paid, but you  need a contract. It protects you and us.Professional musicians will ensure that the price you are quoted coincides with the actual product that you will be paying. A professional contract is required to be clear about  the terms of service that is agreed upon by both parties.Make sure the dates, times, and even  dress attire ( for the musicians) are secure, well understood and written in the contract.

We feel bad for the pianist in this wedding clip - not his fault - just a little inexperienced. Don't risk this happening at your wedding. Ouch.

We want your wedding to be our greatest performance. Hire professionals!