Food, Wine and Music Pairing

What goes better with Napa Valley Cabernet... Mozart or Metallica?

Just as a musician merges groups of notes into chords and arranges them into a melody, the chef or wine maker combine food or wine notes.

Historically, wines from one region were traditionally paired with the food from that region..In areas where red wine was more popular or plentiful, it was not uncommon to see it served with fish or seafood without  too much thought given to the character of  the wine or the food. Each was appreciated and savoured on it’s own; there was no search for “synergy” as we strive for nowadays

There is a creativity that is necessary to making music and making great food, and wine, for they all have a history. Food , drink, music are essentially all easy to share, and are the best things in life, but  they should compliment each other. Start out with good ingredients and you end up with a good product. When we speak of wines as having an " old world, elegant, savoury character, Chopin's music comes to mind with it's layers of tones, tempo rubato,and depth. It has stood the test of time. Take the time to enjoy a glass of Cabernet Franc while listening to the Nocturne in E flat major. It is an oral and aural delight!